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Addiction and Recovery: Failure to Thrive?

Failure to thrive in the recovery and addiction sense is not a failure at all. It is actually a stuck place or a condition that prevents a recovering person from moving away from merely surviving (envision fighting the urge to drink or use daily, staying sober but… it took up all your energy that day or week) to actually thriving (envision growing, increasing capabilities, setting goals and moving toward them, increasingly healthy relationships through repair and using tools, etc.) The most dangerous part about failure to thrive in recovery is that

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Is Help Genuinely Needed?

One of Three Questions to Help End Codependency and Empower Yourself I have noticed that this question comes in handy when you feel pressured or stressed by another person’s expectation or need for your help.  The actual helping act will vary, what will be consistent is the belief that you are the only person who can do this favor or task.  If you experience a sense of pressure or expectation from the person asking for help combined with...

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Has Help Been Asked For?

Has Help Been Asked For? One of Three Questions to Help End Codependency and Empower Yourself As an Marriage and Family Therapist who often works with individuals with addictions and relationship issues, I frequently encourage my clients to use the Three Questions to Help End Codependency as a litmus test to help guide them to healthier relationships and boundaries.  One small question can tell you volumes.  “Have I been asked to help in...

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