My goal as a therapist and the goal of this website is to help those that visit find ways to empower themselves. Looking around here is an important and courageous step toward positive change. I like to think of it as a Bridge to Self Empowerment. I work with individuals and couples.

  • Are you dissatisfied with the quality of your relationships with others?
  • Are you tired of feeling bad about yourself or a situation but don’t see any end in sight?
  • Have you been trying to overcome something from your past but feel it is still affecting your life in negative ways today?
  • Are you scared or concerned about your own or a loved ones substance use or destructive behaviors but not sure what to do?

If so, it is likely that therapy may help you, your relationship or your family. Over the course of a well lived life, most people encounter problems, situations or worries that are difficult. Often, they use their own knowledge or resources to solve or manage these problems. However, there are problems that don’t go away or get worse even with our best efforts. In the general public, often well meaning advice like “Just get over it.” or “Don’t think about it and you won’t be bothered” are given as suggestions for dealing with life’s problems. Some people also believe that in order for therapy to be necessary a person must be “crazy” or in a really bad way.

The truth is, therapy is for anyone who has used their resources to solve a problem or try to feel better but found the problem is still bothering them or getting worse.

Psychotherapy is a resource for receiving help, obtaining new skills or considering things from a different perspective. It helps us get to know ourselves and find the hidden messages or strengths contained within difficult feelings or situations. It provides support for people who no longer want to use their old methods and want to try something new. While people do call my practice when they are in crisis or experiencing significant mental health issues, I also find that individual or couples therapy can be a big help for everyday problems that you have tried to take care of on your own or are just not sure what to do about. The sooner a problem is addressed the better the outcome generally is. Long term problems tend to spread out, get comfortable and start affecting all the other areas of our lives. There is just as much possibility of positive change for long term problems but it can take longer and more effort than seeking support soon after the problem develops. Whether you are dealing with a newly developed situation or have been struggling with or avoiding something for years, therapy is a resource to help. I specialize in helping people find a way to manage their problems and try new ways of coping that empower them and enrich their life. Many of my clients simply want to overcome an everyday problem and live more satisfying lives.

Please take the time to explore this site further for more information on Individual Therapy, Relationship Counseling, Addiction Counseling, EMDR and Codependency specializations and my Santa Rosa private practice. I designed this site to give you information about therapy and whether I would be a good choice for you or your family member. If you have questions not answered within it, please feel free to contact me directly by phone.