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The Fire Is Over In Sonoma County. Why Don’t I Feel Like Myself Again?

Information on common reactions and challenges to crisis like the recent firestorm in Sonoma County. Includes initial stress reactions and how they may evolve. Discussed self care strategies and resources to allow healing and decrease normal stress reaction symptoms. Talks about when and why these normal reactions may become Acute Stress Reactions and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the importance of getting help.

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Addiction and Recovery: Failure to Thrive?

Failure to thrive in the recovery and addiction sense is not a failure at all. It is actually a stuck place or a condition that prevents a recovering person from moving away from merely surviving (envision fighting the urge to drink or use daily, staying sober but… it took up all your energy that day or week) to actually thriving (envision growing, increasing capabilities, setting goals and moving toward them, increasingly healthy relationships through repair and using tools, etc.) The most dangerous part about failure to thrive in recovery is that

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