Codenpendency-women-back-to-backDo you have trouble saying no when others ask you to do things?

Do you believe that it would be “awful” if someone’s feelings get hurt?

Are your relationships with others unsatisfying but you can’t quite put your finger on why?

Do you frequently feel resentful or unappreciated but are not sure what to do about it?

Does resentment allow you justify retaliating or trying to make the other person “see how it feels”?

Do you give more than you receive even when it might harm you or is not very important to the other person?

Do you feel most comfortable when in control of relationships and do things you don’t feel good about to allow yourself to control them?

182 aGFuZHNfaGFuZGN1ZmZzX2NvdXBsZV9icmVha18wODYwXzIuanBnIf you have found that one or more of the above statements is true in one or more of the relationships in your life, codependency may be a factor. I specialize in helping people learn how to figure out how to be in relationship in a balanced way. Though frequently criticized in our society, codependency is actually the result of trying to get our normal and important need to be connected to others met in a way that doesn’t result in a balanced, give and take relationship.

Codependency can take place in marriages, intimate relationships, friendships, workplace relationships, relationships with family members and even with our own children. Most people recognize its presence because of one or more of the painful situations in the questions above. Good intentions or difficulties with boundaries and communication skills can make relationships feel like a prison or a battlefield rather than a supportive loving part of life.

I can help change this by helping you understand and identify codependency while learning how to balance the needs of others with your own needs. Most importantly, I can offer concrete tools that show you what to do instead within a framework you can use for the rest of your life. This can empower you to create relationships that foster love and connection while enhancing your own sense of self.